About Us

Shopping online has been  a big convenience for all of us. The days of visiting the local bazaars to get your essentials, haggling for the right price and returning home with bags full of items are long gone. Nowadays, any products from simple hairpins to expensive electronics are available at your doorstep through online shopping. You do not need to spend energy on haggling with anyone as online shopping stores offer deep discounts, offers, deals and promocodes  to compete in an extremely competitive environment for one-upmanship with not only other online retailers but also established mom and pop retailers.

We, at Cashbackrewards.in want you to know all the offers available on various ecommerce sites so that you can make an informed decision to get the best deal anytime, every time. We are providing this service as we have observed that many people do inadequate or absolutely no research before buying the right product online. Cashbackrewards.in is an amalgamation of all the offers, discounts and deals available in the Indian Ecommerce market so that users like you can always ensure that they buy a product using the right offer.